Lavinia Kumar lives in New Jersey.  She grew up in Ireland, then England, and finally came to the US for college, and stayed.  She acquired her last name from her husband, who is from from India.

Her full-length poetry book, The Skin and Under (World Tech Editions, 2015), is about healers and healing, with an emphasis on herbs or “natural” remedies. The book is divided into three sections, Supplicants and Sufferers, Natural Therapies, and Perhaps a Doctor on Call? A table (Herbs and Countries) at the end of the book gives a table of the herbs, plants, techniques or magic involved in each poem – along with the many regions of the world, and the historical context.

In 2017 she self-published The Celtic Fisherman’s Wife, set in ancient Ireland during Druid times.  Follow the wife and her village through all four seasons.  Meet gods and goddesses, important animals and trees, and read songs and stories of everyday life.

Her poetry chapbooks are Rivers of Saris,  Main Street Rag (2013, Let There be Color, Lives You Touch Publications (2016), and Beauty. Salon. Art. (Desert Willow Press, 2019).

She has an EdD in science education, and degrees in Chemistry (BA, cum laude) and Biology (MA), and was long involved in technology education.  She has taught in middle and high school, in college, in medical school.  She has trained innumerable faculty, teachers and administrators in theories of learning, use of data for assessment, how to involve students in their own learning, to update science curricula, and incorporate everyday technologies.  She developed and directed a state-wide web-based professional development resource for educators in New Jersey (since non-funded).  She co-wrote Using Assessment for Instruction for the International Center for Leadership in Education, in 2008. See an outline of the manual.

Lavinia Kumar is a  sometime writer of children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction.   Her self-published books for 6th-9th grade are Maud Leonora Menten, and Alfred Lothar Wegener & Harry Fielding Reid: Scientists & Adventurers. Children’s fiction books are Octopus Purple-us (for preschoolers, in English, and a French version, too), and Tommy’s Mixed-up Chicks (for 8-10 year olds).  Check them out at her Amazon author page.

With acrylics she also dabbles into contemporary/surrealistic art.

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