New Book: No Longer Silent… Women Inventors, Scientists


Read a small slice of life or work – of 70 women (and a girl) from many parts of the world, and from ancient times to now,   Read short easy-to-read (sometimes amusing) poems.  You may have heard of some of the women, but not all.  Do you know how a coffee filter was invented? Who at first was not interested in a dishwasher? And what about those Titanic lifeboats? A cure for leprosy? Windshield wipers?  Silk?  Who figured out atom-splitting while hiking in snow?

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New Book: Brave Women Spies, Soldiers, Rebels


NEW!  Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Women, Women: Soldiers, Spies of Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Twenty-two women are described in loose poetic form, giving an introductory slice of each woman’s life.  Daring brave Black or White women were rebels, soldiers, or spies.  They were strongly supportive of the Revolution, the North, or the South.

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The Celtic Fisherman’s Wife

Poetry written as narratives, songs, dreams – of animals, customs, heroes, god and goddesses.  This is an invented year of a Druid wife, her husband, and others who live in a village loosely set in ancient western Ireland.  The book is divided into seasons, each with its celebrated feasts.  Read it for pleasure, to act or sing parts of it.  Add it to a course you teach!

A glossary and other information at the end of the book are helpful for historical reference.

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