Alfred Lothar Wegener & Harry Fielding Reid: Scientists & Adventurers

NEW!  A non-fiction book for middle school.  Read it to see that scientists are not dry lab people.  They can be adventurers or explorers!  They can decide the science they studied is not as fun as a different science – so they do that one instead.  7th grade reading level.

Buy for Kindle/Ipad, and on Amazon.

Alfred Lothar Wegener & Harry Fielding Reid had at least four characteristics in common. First, they were trained scientists: Wegener in astrology, Reid in physics. Second, they were interested in a different science: both liked glaciers and geology, and Wegener studied weather, and Reid earthquakes and tsunamis. Third, each developed a new theory: Wegener thought of continental drift, and Reid elastic rebound. Fourth, they were not just scientists – they were adventurers, Wegener went several times to Greenland (and died there), and Reid went to San Francisco, Puerto Rico and other places


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