Maud Menten, MD & PhD

MentenCoverImage_smallMaud Leonora Menten was a very successful woman Canadian scientist and physician.  Students from 7th – 9th grade can learn about an important scientist who has not received the attention she deserves.

Find this book on Amazon and on your Kindle/Ipad.

Her name is known primarily for something she accomplished very early in her career, in collaboration with her mentor: the Michaelis-Menten Equation.  However, she had a very long and successful career in many research areas, both in medically related fields, primarily in Pittsburgh, PA.   But don’t think she stayed the whole time in labs or hospital rooms – she also liked to paint, to hike up mountains, and drive her old car.

This book includes a timeline of other events and discoveries during Menten’s long lifetime, and special descriptions of scientific terms, such as catalyst, enzyme, equations for the body, pathology, and more.

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