Book: Let There be Color

CoverBookverysmallBorderMy latest chapbook: Let There be Color, published by Lives You Touch Publications (2016).  Read four sample poems about a family member’s long stay in ICU, colors surrounding blindness recovery, and the hues of personnel and family who are part of this story.  Read, too, some surreal poems that could easily have been part of this surreal experience.  Buy it now!

from Pastel Colors
Light blue surgeons, residents, nurses
and the green glow ob-gyns,
join the cafeteria lunch line
served by the dark blues,…

from Stat!
The quiet voice
rises over the sea
of white sheets,
in anger.

from Green Curtains in ICU
…curtains are washed,
like rain splashed over dusty leaves,
and rehung on straight branches.

from Collateral Damage
A later dropped foot, even further
from his eyes, is new mystery
in the barnyard of endless visits –