No Longer Silent Women: the Silk and Iron of Women Scientists

A mix of about 70 trained and amateur women scientists, mathematicians and inventors. They are from many parts of the world, and from ancient times to now, All have contributed to our collective knowledge, and some are active today. A few are often not associated with the expertise they have provided, especially those from earlier times. For instance, several botanical artists are included, since they were key in the accurate recording of plant structures to enable or help in classification of plants. 

Learn about each woman from short easy-to-read (sometimes amusing) poems.  You may have heard of some of the women, but not all.  Do you know how a coffee filter was invented? Who at first was not interested in a dishwasher? And what about those Titanic lifeboats? A cure for leprosy? Windshield wipers?  Silk?  Who figured out atom-splitting while hiking in snow?