Book: Rivers of Saris


CvrRiverSaris_1w_smallNow available!  My book of poetry set in India and about people from India.

Order it now for $12.00 [including shipping] – place an order from the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore.

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When we read Rivers of Saris, we are not tourists in an exotic land of banyan trees and small pooja alcoves and charpoys, but, thanks to the artistry and intelligence of Lavinia Kumar, inhabitants of a country with a rich embroidery of longings and griefs, where “sandal-wood pyres crackle, smoke/ wisping to the clouds, to the angels, who/ catch pieces of soul – and teach them to float.” This book offers a geography of and for the soul, and we bathe in its rivers and learn, as souls must, to float.

Christopher Bursk, author of The Boy With One Wing

Lavinia Kumar’s lush, sensuous poems skillfully evoke the India with which she has lived for over 46 years, with all its exotic landscapes and particular customs. But they also exist on a much deeper level than that of delicately wrought observations—running through the weave of this intensely beautiful collection are threads of gentle protest at the cultural role still assigned to women. This is a book to both delight and enlighten as only the best poetry truly can.

Anna M. Evans, editor of The Raintown Review


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